Shari Pilaria

Shari Pilaria, RA


How to CPR?

To verify the allowable uses on the property contact the appropriate county agency. Note the uses are the same whether or not the property is CPR’ed. Provide the County with the Tax Map Key (“TMK”) number or property address to confirm the number of apartments e.g. dwelling units and types of uses permitted and defined by zoning regulation. Contact information is provided on the last page of this brochure.

A condominium is created when the following items are recorded at the Bureau of Conveyances or filed at the Office of the Assistant Registrar of the Land Court:

1) Declaration of Condominium Property Regime;
2) Bylaws of the Association of Apartment Owners;
3) Condominium Map (floor plans); and
4) Master deed or lease.

The property owner(s) may be the developer of the condominium project. However, if the developer is not the property owner(s), then the owner(s) must acquiesce to submission of the property to CPR by consent and joinder to the Declaration of Condominium Property Regime.